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How To Utilize The Summer Season To Prepare For Winter


If you’re an avid skier or boarder then you know how important the summer season can be in helping you prep for the winter season. By using the warm weather effectively you can truly hit your stride before you even start counting down the days until the slow flies again.

Summer is a time for leisure and fun, but it can also be the time where you lay the foundation for your best winter yet. In this post we’re going to highlight how you can effectively use the summer months to set you up for success come winter.

Picking Up Discount Gear

The summer season might be the best time to pick up new gear and equipment. At this time of year most retailers are trying to unload their gear from last year to make room for this coming year’s shipment.

As a result you can find steeply discounted gear from last season. If you’re looking for new gear at a discount price, then start shopping around. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to upgrade your current setup at half the price.
The hardest part about getting new equipment this time of year is that you’ll have to wait months until you can finally use it.

Getting In Shape and Staying Healthy

Taking the time now to get your body in shape will only help you when summer rolls around. Instead of trying to get back in shape at the beginning of winter or fall you’ll already have a solid base to work from.

1. Cross-Over Activities

If you don’t like going to the gym then you’re in luck. In the summer season the Lake Tahoe area provides a host of alternatives that don’t require you to be indoors.

A local favorite is paddle boarding. On any given day you’ll see dozens of people paddling away on Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake, or a host of other lakes around the area. This sport is fun, challenging, and will help you develop a strong core for the winter.

Other favorites include hiking and trail running. Get outside and push your body. You’ll start to develop a base of strength that will carry over nicely to the slopes.

2. Fitness Routine

Staying in shape doesn’t have to be difficult. Whatever you choose, try and make it into a routine. After all, it’s easier to stick with something once it becomes a habit.
Get outside. Get to the gym. Do whatever it takes to push your body summer.

3. Healthy Eating

The change in weather brings with it a host of healthy eating options. There are a plethora of farmer’s markets that bring fresh produce to the area. So take advantage of this abundance of local healthy food to feed your body.
If you’re looking for a new set of boots, or equipment for this upcoming season, then check out our the shop.

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