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How To Tell If Your Ski Boots Are Fitting The Right Way


If you’re serious about skiing in any way, then you’ll want to ensure your boots fit properly. Ski boots that are properly fitted can make a huge difference both in your performance on the hill, and your overall comfort.
Your boots are the literal connection between your body and the skis, so you’ll want to get this part of the relationship right. You can borrow most of the necessary ski gear, but boots are something you’ll want to invest money in to get right.

Remember that the price of the boot doesn’t always equal a good fit. The most expensive boots aren’t always the most comfortable, or the best for your foot. The best looking boots may not be the best either. What’s important is a boot that fits your foot perfectly.

Finding The Best Boot Fitter Is A Necessity

Finding a boot fitter that has experience is one of the most important steps of the process. Often, the best boot purchases should be made locally. Usually, your boots will shift over time, so building a relationship with a local boot fitter is very important.

Make sure to set aside several hours for your fitting. This isn’t a process that you’ll want to rush. This means it can also be beneficial to buy your boots during the slow season, or during a slower time of day.

Before your fitting make sure you’re wearing the same socks that you’re going to be wearing on the mountain. Whatever you do don’t wear a pair of big, bulky socks, or the cotton ones you wear during the day.

Crucial Fitting Elements To Be Aware Of

When it comes to sizing the right boots make sure to trust the professional. If left to your own doings there’s a good chance you’d pick a pair of boots that’s at least one size too big. This is because a pair of ski boots that’s the correct size for you will feel very tight.

If you start out with a boot that feels great walking out of the store then it might feel great for a few days on the mountain, but after a while that boot will start to feel very loose and uncomfortable.

Ski boots have two distinct liners. The first liner is designed to compress to your foot and mold into a perfect fit over time. It will usually take about five days on the mountain for your boot to be broken in and start to mold to the shape of your foot.

Understanding The Fitting Process

The fitting process is time intensive, but well worth it when you’re ripping down the mountain in a pair of perfectly fitted boots.

  1. The session usually begins with a Q and A. This will help the fitter get a good idea of your skiing level and what style of boot will be best for you.
  2. Next is the foot measurement phase where the technician will take in-depth measurements of your foot.
  3. After the initial phases the fitter will give you several pairs of boots to try on. You’ll also have the option to choose regular or custom foot beds. Obviously, custom foot beds will give you an even truer feel.
  4. Once you’ve found your top pairs of boots, make sure you stand in them for a while in the shop as pressure points will begin to reveal themselves over time.

You may have to come back into the shop for minor adjustments in the future. But, overall the process above will help to minimize any discomfort and should leave you with a close to perfect boot.

Ski boots may not win any awards for being sleek and sexy, but a well-fitted boot will improve your performance on the hill and give you a more comfortable ride throughout the day.

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