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Ready For Winter? How To Utilize The Fall To Prep For Winter

Before the snow begins to fly it’s important to utilize this time to make sure your gear is in working order, and you can hit the slopes as soon as you need to. You’d hate to miss the first day of the season just because you didn’t take the time effectively prep your gear and body.

In this article we’re going to cover the best steps for you to take in order to get yourself and your gear together before the winter season fully sets into gear.

1. Make Sure Your Body Is In Good Health

Since skiing is such a fun sport it can be easy to forget that it’s actually a very good workout as well. Too many people suffer early season injuries because they didn’t take the time to get their bodies in shape before winter.
By setting time aside now to engage in a fitness routine you’ll be able to head to the mountain the moment winter strikes. There’s also a new level of confidence you’ll be equipped with by feeling strong and healthy.

By setting aside time to take care of your body now, you’ll be able to diagnose any problems or possible issues before they arise.

2. Prep All Of Your Winter Gear

Nothing is worse than pulling together all of your winter gear only to find that your skis need a tune up, or your favorite jacket no longer fits. If you’re an avid skier there’s a good chance your equipment will be in good shape, but it’s still not something you want to risk.

Once you take your board or skis out of storage make sure you wipe them down. This will help to show any nicks that may need to be fixed, or mold, or moisture that may have settled onto your equipment while in storage.

If you’re doing your own tune up make sure to repair any nicks with the proper tools, and ensure that your edges are sharp. Once all of the edges and exterior elements are taken care of it’s time to wax the base to ensure a smooth ride. Also, make sure to check your bindings for any loose screws, you’d hate to have a binding mishap while shredding down the slope.

Beyond your skis and board make sure to check that your boots are fitting properly. If they are fitting uncomfortably you can always have your boots re-sized and molded to fit your feet.

Don’t forget to check all of your other equipment essentials as well. Such as, your outerwear, goggles, helmet, and any other clothing needs.

3. Utilize Fall Ski Equipment Sales

If your equipment is coming up short the fall can be a great time to find deals on ski equipment. A lot of ski shops will try to purge the rest of last seasons gear before the new season comes into effect, so you may be able to find some good deals.

If you’re going the ski shop route it’s often better to visit shops before winter season is in full swing as they will be less busy and better able to give you full attention.

By utilizing the fall you’ll set yourself for a better and longer ski season. Whether you’re in need of a full equipment tune up, a professional ski boot fitting or an equipment overhaul Tom Wohrman Sports can meet your needs.

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