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What To Look For When Searching For A Lake Tahoe Ski Boot Fitter

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Once again it’s that time of year for you to get your gear prepped and ready before the first big winter storm hits and the resorts start to open. You’ve had your boots fitted in the past, but a lot of times there’s a lot left on the table. When you go to a Tahoe boot fitter, they should be asking you all questions; after all it’s their area of expertise.

You want a boot that will keep it’s perfect fit all season. After all that’s why you’re getting them fitted in the first place. A lot of boot fitters don’t take the time necessary to cast a true, great fit. Most of them rush through the process, and you’re left with a boot that doesn’t fit properly, and results in sore feet, ankles, and legs.

A well-fitting boot shouldn’t leave your foot in pain when you’re leaving the mountain at the end of the day. Of course, you might experience a little soreness, but that’s simply because you’ve been shredding all day. It should never be the fault of your gear.

We’re going to cover exactly what you need to look for when deciding what Tahoe boot fitter to take your boots to this year.


First off, take a look at their testimonials or call up one of your friends who’s been there before. If the general skier population has a positive view of their boot fitting experience, then you can bet yours will be similar. It never hurts to ask around!

Second, take a look at their process. Sadly, a lot of boot fitters are simply trying to make a quick buck and don’t actually care about the health of your feet after a day on the mountain. Most boot fitters just replicate the same process again and again.

However, there are some that stand out from the rest and actually care more about your feet than they do their own. A properly fitted boot can go a long way towards improving your time on the mountain. If you’re an aggressive skier or plan on spending a lot of time on the mountain, a boot that fits well can be your best friend.

At Tom Wohrman Sports, we have an intensive boot fitting process that guarantees the best fitting boots you’ve ever had. Don’t take out word for it check out our boot fitting process here. Tom relies on his years of industry experience to fit your boot in a unique way that you’ve never experienced before.

Aside from simply fitting the boot, Tom also believes your boots and skis should be in alignment. In his fitting process, he goes beyond just making sure your boot is a perfect fit, he extends this all the way into your entire skiing experience. By having your feet, boots and skis fitting perfectly you’re on your way towards a skiing experiencing you’ve never had before.

This year, when deciding on your Tahoe boot fitter, make the right decision and come to Tom Wohrman Sports, where we’ll take care of your feet, and give you the most comfortable boots of your life.

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