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What To Know About Big Bear Lake California

Ready to pack your bags and take a trip, but you aren’t sure where to go?

Big Bear Lake has something for everyone.

Nestled in a valley in the San Bernardino Mountains in San Bernardino, California, you won’t be disappointed by the breathtaking beauty or the abundance of activities available.

big bear lake

What is so great about Big Bear Lake?

Stunning Landscapes

Big Bear Lake boasts some of the most beautiful mountain views in the country.

In addition, you will find hidden lakes, sparkling streams, and magnificent pine trees.

Each season brings a new beauty to this enchanting area, from wildflowers in the spring to snowy peaks in the winter, you won’t lack for visual splendor.


Chipmunks, squirrels, and raccoons can frequently be seen frolicking in their mountain habitat. Raccoons and coyotes are also common sights.

While they are harder to spot due to their aversion to humans, you may even see deer, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, or a black bear.

If you do come across a wild animal, such as a mountain lion or bear, keep in mind that they are protective of their young and their food. It’s best to observe from a safe distance!

Activities All Year-Round

Big Bear Lake is synonymous with hitting the slopes, be it on skis, snowboards, or sleds.

The area is well-known for some of the best skiing and snowboarding that can be found anywhere. Visitors come by the millions to enjoy this tree-laden paradise.

Not all the popular activities require snow!

Big Bear Lake is frequented by tourists who enjoy hiking, mountain biking, camping, and just strolling through nature.

The warmer months bring in those who enjoy boating, swimming, sailing, wake-boarding, and water-skiing.

There are plenty of opportunities for less strenuous activities, such as shopping or checking out one of the yummy eateries!


The area is rich in history. The Big Bear Valley was a sought-after destination during the California Gold Rush.

A visit to the Big Bear Historical Museum is a special treat, for adults and children alike.

It is an extensive museum with many historically accurate buildings to wander through, as well as a chance for the little ones to try their hand at panning for gold.

Fun Facts

Big Bear Lake is one of the most unique areas of the country.

Enjoy these little bits of trivia about this extraordinary destination:

  • Big Bear Lake was named for the grizzly bears that used to live in the area in the 1800’s. They have since become extinct in this area.
  • The warmest month of the year for Big Bear Lake is July. The average temperature is 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolest month is January, where the temperatures dip to an average of 34 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The area is a popular place for professional athletes to train, due to the elevation, which is 6,750 feet.
  • The Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center has live stage shows and theater productions running throughout the year.

Big Bear Lake is well worth the trip, whether you want an active vacation or just want to take in some beautiful scenery.

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