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Big Bear Lake Custom Ski Boot Fitting

When looking for custom ski boot fitting in Big Bear Lake, CA area you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a tried and true professional. With your love of skiing and the amount of time you spend on the snow, you want a comfortable fit and a boot that caters to all your needs. Within the area there are several boot fitters, and a lot of different fitting techniques and processes available. In working with Tom Wohrman Sports you are guaranteed the best fit of your life.

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We start our fitting process by assessing and measuring your feet and lower legs. This is done to measure the bone structure of your feet, and take note of any boney protrusions that might make your boots uncomfortable.

In-Depth Foot & Leg Evaluation

In order to make it easier to balance within your boot, we run an extended group of tests. During this round we take more foot measurements, including the flexibility of your feet, how rigid the arch of your foot is, and how much your heel moves when leaning forward.

This gives us a better idea of how your foot responds to being enclosed in a ski boot.

Length & Width Measurements

These measurements are just the tip of the iceberg. Measuring your foot width and length are the most commonly taken measurements for boot comfort, that’s why we start here.

Foot Volume Measurements

Foot volume measurements are absolutely critical. Most shops will stop at foot length and width, if they even go there at all. By measuring foot volume you get the best representation of your foot, and remove any doubt from the boot fitting process.

Foot volume, coupled with length, width and our other collected measurements will give you the best fitting boot you’ve ever worn, period.

Leg Volume Measurements

Leg volume is another commonly overlooked measurement. Most skiers have drastically different lower leg volume, which can greatly effect the comfort of the boot if not addressed properly.


After all of the measurement data has been compiled and analyzed we call you in for a visit. During this step we ask you a series of questions so we can get a better understanding of your ability, the terrain you spend the most time in, and what you’re hoping to gain from this boot.

Then we take into account all your answers from the questions and select the right boot model for your needs.

Now the real fun begins.

Shell Customization

After we pick out the boot of your dreams, we use every measurement we’ve taken so far to completely customize the boot to your foot. We work directly with the manufacturer, who makes all of the customizations from the original lasts.

That way we maintain the integrity of the shell and boot and the modifications remain for the entire life of the boot.

At Tom Wohrman Sports each customization is done individually, this differs greatly from most distribution chains who make very limited customizations with low quality plastic.

Eliminating the Pressure Points

So far, the boot has been completely customized to match your lower leg and foot proportions. The next level of customization is to get rid of all pressure points and hot spots. We do this by looking at the earlier leg and foot analysis and add extra padding to all pressure points, bunions, bone spurs and any other points of discomfort.

Liner Customization

We use the latest Ultralom EVA liner, which is then heated and molded directly to your foot and lower leg, giving you the closest and most comfortable fit possible. By using the EVA liner we give you the lightest, warmest and easiest to get on and off liner available today.

We understand you want your boot to fit perfectly for years to come, so the EVA liner can be very easily modified to accommodate any changes that might arise.

The Fitting

The fitting process is the actual molding of the boot around your foot. Your padded feet are loaded into the boot, and after 10 minutes you have a perfect mold.

Cant Correction

Cant correction is an adjustment that allows you to stand flat on both skis, bringing your boot into a neutral position. In this step, we use Daleboot’s replaceable and cantable sole units to give you the balance you need.

Replaceable & Cantable Soles

The replaceable and cartable soles bring your knee into proper alignment, and allow you to balance properly on the snow. With these you’ll be able to ski with more power and decrease your risk of knee-injury. We cant correct as close to the snow as possible, giving you the most precise cant correction available today.

The Final Test

It’s time to take your boots to the snow! We stand behind our boots and processes so fully that any fit adjustments needed over the life of the boot are on us, free of charge.

For over 40 years we’ve been providing fully customized, high performance ski boots to our customers.

Step into Tom Wohrman Sports and see what a truly customized boot will mean to you, your feet, and your skiing ability.

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