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Dale Boots


DALEBOOT AK130 (2018)

daleboot-vffDaleboot gets into the alpine/AT hybrid scene with its new AK130. Its cuff-release mechanism is free-flexing in hike mode, and its soles can be swapped out for tech-compatible ones. But it’s built to ski, with heft, a sturdy spine, and soles that are bolted all the way through the shell and into the boot board for responsive edge power. Like all Daleboots, it’s built to your specs from in-shop analysis for custom fit and performance. “Well engineered for performance,” Gleason said. “Drives the ski at the top of its class.”


daleboot vff proThe VFF Pro, like all DaleBoots, is fully customizable. Local dealers take measurements and send them to the factory, where the components are assembled. The Pro is lightweight with thin shell walls, and testers said it pumped out agile, quick transitions thanks to its snappy flex. J. Weisberg: “I like the concept of a boot that promises to fit with a commitment from the manufacturer.”

DALEBOOT Panterra 120 (2017)

daleboot-vffThe Panterra is a stout boot for big, strong skiers with thicker feet and legs, yet it’s agile as a big cat and powerful in a quiet, damp sort of way. The cuff is roomy and tall on the leg shaft and has a firm flex. It’s engineered to best suit taller guys. The Panterra is powerful on edge, it’s comfort- able and trustworthy at high speeds, and testers admired the shock-absorbing feel. Campbell: “Surprisingly nimble in and out of turns for such a solid boot. A joy in crud and bumps.”

DALEBOOT Lupo Carbon Ti I.D. (2017)

daleboot vff proThe Lupo offers lots of useful and well- designed features, a narrow fit, and a stiff flex. Yes, it’s expensive, but testers say it’s worth every dollar if you mold the I.D. liner-a comfort must. Laced-up entry and exit aren’t easy, but testers accepted the processes because the skiing product was worth the effort. The tall, strong cuff readily rolled the ski up on edge and put the hammer down when engaged. Barr: “Great sidecountry boot for all narrow-footed rippers. Super light and responsive.”


daleboot stDaleBoots are custom-built to each owner’s personal foot and leg dimensions. Local dealers take measurements and send them to the factory, where the shell components are tailored. Dealers do final fitting upon delivery. The ST’s on-snow combo of brutishly powerful upper cuff and thin-walled, high-density polyether lower shell yield ridiculously strong edging in a lightweight package. Stewart: “Very powerful with lots of feel for the ski. Very foot-responsive.”


DALEBOOT Kyra 95 (2017)

daleboot stFrom blue squares to easy black diamonds to the barstool, this was a tester favorite for its versatility and instant success on snow. It’s so evenly roomy, testers checked its fit scores in straight rows. It goes everywhere willingly and is game for a challenge. With a soft-side-of-95 flex, it’s not for heavy, hard-charging, all-mountain attackers, but it will work well for everyone else. Christensen: “Felt like a powerful, supportive hug. I could ski these all day, all over the mountain.”


daleboot stTargeted to lighter-weight and less aggressive skiers looking for fit perfection, this one hits a bull’s-eye. The shell is custom-made to the user’s foot shape at DaleBoot’s Salt Lake City factory based on measurements taken by local dealers. It’s then shipped to the dealer for final fitting and thermo-forming of the liner. Our test model was light and lively with a uniquely tuned-in feel for the ski and snow. Ross: “Agile and snappy with a smooth flex throughout. This boot rocked.”